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Please note the information provided here will not be given out to unauthorized third parties, but we are required to supply identification proofs to our supporting Payment Processor in order for Distribuware to pay your bank account or your plastic Prepaid Debit Cards. The information you give us here, will also be requested by the Payment Processor. Your National ID and/or your Company ID must be verified by our compliance department and cannot be changed once given to us. You are therefore expected to supply your real identification records.

When you click on the Save Changes button, you will immediately be given your Advertisement Payment Page in an Activated state. You must upload copies of your identifications in full color PDF files. We then verify them against your indentification and your present address you entered. These must be uploaded within 28 days of sign up. If not, any referral fees you earned during the free period will not be paid. If your Account is not paid within 28 days, your Advertisement Payment Page will go into Deactivation mode until it is paid. You pay once per Subscription Level. You will be required to pay by Bank Wire Transfer only. The details of our bank are given within your member area. We hope that you will take this generous free time seriously to become famliar with the program. Distribuware Advertising pays everyone to advertise instead of paying large continuous funds. It is a unique opportunity not found elsewhere in referral marketing programs.

Please note our "Privacy Policy" regarding sensitive data. Also our "Company Rights License" and especially the "KYC Policy" (Know Your Customer) within. Our "Terms and Conditions" must be upheld as well.

Our company is equipped with encryption technology so that your sensitive information will not be easily stolen.

Thank you for considering Distribuware Advertising as a form of advertising and an additional way to enhance your finances through referring others to the program and supporting your favorite Advertisers that will give special discounts and credit payment arrangements, so that you make money while shopping and surfing the Internet. It's your time to gain. If you choose "Advertiser" you will be required to upload your Advertisements within your member area. Your email address will become your User Name and your Password should be written down, so that you do not forget it.