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Wecome! You are requested to supply real information about yourself as this involves an online payment of referral fees to you. It involves Bank Accounts, Prepaid Debit cards etc so you can collect your referral funds monthly. Your onetime payment for a Subscription to us can only be done by Wire Transfer directly to our Bank Account.

As a Distributor, you are required to supply copied proofs of your National ID# and your personal Address from a utility bill not older than 3 months. As an Advertiser you must supply your Nat ID#, address of your company and registerd company number.

All copied documents must be in PDF and uploaded within 3 days of signup or your Account goes into a deactivated mode. You must really be serious about Distribuware. If not, please do not sign up and waste our time as well as yours.

We offer a free trial period of 14 days where you can actually refer without paying but you should pay within this period so that you can collect referral fees if your referrees pay before you. After the 14 days and still haven't paid, your Account automatically goes into a deactivated mode and you won't be able to collect referral fees made within the free 14 days.

Thank you for considering Distribuware Advertising as a form of advertising. It's your time to gain. If you choose "Advertiser" you will be required to upload your Advertisements within your member area. Your email address will become your User Name and your Password should be written down, so that you do not forget it. Good luck and may God bless you.

Reminder. Bronze Package (8) Ads USD $150.00, Silver Package (12) Ads $450.00, Gold Package (16) Ads $750.00, Platinum Package (20) Ads $1200.00, Diamond Package (24) Ads $1800.00. All ads can be immediately changed without further cost to you. Your referral commission on each package is 67% returned to you, once you successfully refer. If you refer 2 successful referrals only, you recover your cost plus 33% profit. You are in for free plus profits. You can make this a full time job.

The reason for Distribuware. Millions of Internet users are the actual cause of billions of dollars made by big online Advertising sites. Through the word of mouth, these sites became successful. Yet users are never paid a cent for referring those sites to new users. Distribuware seeks to address this problem