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Advertise your own business and get paid to do it instead of paying large sums to advertise.

Distribuware presents its unique online or offline advertising campaign for organizations and persons in need of extra income in various currencies. It's unique and direct advertising done by both the Advertiser company and their personnel including their family, their friends and their customers, all of whom can become referrers as well or having their own advertisement campaigns and doing the same.

The Advertising Aim and Purpose of the Advertisement Payment Page

Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Products and Services.

Distribuware encourages growth in Health, Wealth and Wisdom products and services. We promote and recommend products and services for social, economic and spiritual spheres for our planet to return to a more natural and equal distribution of both material and spiritual health, economic wealth, and the best sources of wisdom for life in the 21st century.

A Knowledgebase of Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Products contained within each member area.

We write articles based on Health, Wealth and Wisdom,  concerning the body, mind and spirit, so that members can have access to a wide variety of knowledge that can improve one's material, economic, and spiritual well being. Members can contribute as well to this vast  knowledgebase for the benefit of all members of Distribuware. These Articles are accessed only from the members' area.

Welcome to Distribuware Referral Advertising. 

Please sign up using our Advertisement Payment Page by clicking the Sign up button.  Pay the Distribuware fee within 14 days in order to be refunded as long as you refer others.  Payment is made to our account with TransferWise, Distribuware's choice of paying and receiving online funding systems Follow the system right through to the end, in order to fully receive your activated Advertisement Payment Page on Distribuware but with your name and Distribuware's page ID/SN#s just like this one. As you refer others to do the same, you will be paid to advertise on Distribuware, instead of paying large sums of money to advertise your goods and services.
Thank you for choosing Distribuware Referral  Advertising Campaign.

Cost Per Level One Time Payment

  Bronze Level         US $150.00   -8 Ads per page
  Silver Level            US $450.00  -12 Ads  per page 
  Gold Level              US $750.00  -16 Ads  per page 
  Platinum Level     US $1200.00  -20 Ads per page 
  Diamond Level     US $1800.00  -24 Ads per page 
  Advertisements can be changed at no extra cost.

The Silver Page

Advertiser Name: Distribuware.com

67% Discount

Subscription ID #

The Gold Page

Advertiser Name: Distribuware.com

67% Discount

Subscription ID #

The Platinum Page

Advertiser Name: Distribuware.com

67% Discount

Subscription ID #

The Diamond Page

Advertiser Name: Distribuware.com

67% Discount

Subscription ID #

Distribuware Referral Advertisement Video

Advertiser Name: Distribuware.com

67% Discount

Subscription ID #

Vedic Knowledge and Spiritual Education

Advertiser Name: Distribuware.com

67% Discount

Subscription ID #

A Note from Distribuware Network Systems

All products and services listed above are found on the website/s of this advertiser. The images and links placed there are all extra sensitive to registered members and clicking on them can send an email directly to an advertiser who wisely opts in to receive them. With a Distribuware ID #xxxxx, Advertisers can then identify you as signed up with Distribuware Network Systems. You can be assured you will receive the discounts agreed upon and all other special facilities given by all the participating merchant advertisers and not only the one you paid.

Kindly read carefully all three Agreements and Conditions for entering this unique Advertising System.

Please do not offend others by intrusively advertising your Advertisement Payment Pages. It is best done by word of mouth and soliciting, by giving a full explanation of Distribuware Advertising.  First  educate yourself about the program and then introduce it to people you know and new ones you meet. Make out call cards with your Distribuware url/s and give them. It is one of the best payment systems on the web we have designed for wise people like you. Our motto and philosophy is "Healthy, Wealthy and Wise". Pass this on to others.

You can sign up for free for 14 days. Referrals can even be made within this free period, but Distribuware will hold your income from referrals until you made your payment and send up your KYC documents within the 14 days. This is the best we can do to get you started and allowing you to be familiar with the system of Distribuware Referral Advertising.

Thank you for joining Distribuware Network Systems owned and run by Distribuware.com


You can copy and paste this section and print it out and give it to your prospect referees along with your call cards.

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The Advertisement Payment Page Concept of Choices made by Advertisers/Distributors in Distribuware

Commercial Advertisers can immediately begin to refer their natural support sales personnel, contractors, agents, employees, customers, friends, family, and whoever the Advertisers refer their Advertisement Payment Pages. Those member referees in turn refer the Advertiser's advertisements automatically placed on their (referees) Advertisement Payment Pages exactly like this one. Those who refer Advertisements for Advertisers are called Distributors in Distribuware Advertising.

When a person or company signs up using the Advertisement Payment Page Subscription ID number like this one. and become either an Advertiser or Distributor, that new member will receive their own Advertisement Payment Page with their Subscription ID number attached to their website addresses exactly as above in the address bar. The Pages will also identify the new member's name. In this way others can sign up using your Advertisement Payment Page when they click on the Payment button on your page. If you signed up as an Advertiser, you can upload and place your Advertisements. Those ads can be changed at any time after placing them at no extra cost to you. In this way you can advertise many products and services as you wish with just one Advertisement Payment Page. Distributors you refer, will simply advertise the Ads placed by you- the Advertiser. Both Advertisers and Distributors can and will continue to introduce their Advertisement Payment Page/s to others and this referral concept continues the same onwards Ad Infinitum. In this way both Advertisers and Distributors can advertise their goods and services to others worldwide off and on the net. They then will be paid by Distribuware to refer their own Advertisements. This is what is known as Distribuware Advertising.  You get paid to advertise your own products and services instead of continually paying to advertise as in other systems of advertising.

This is not an MLM advertising campaign. Instead it is a Single Level Distribution (SLD) network of Advertisers and their Distributors. There are no down-lines or up-lines like in MLM. There are no residual income derived from others' efforts. Only your (Advertiser and Distributor) efforts in referring others who successfully sign up using your Advertisement Payment Page, will you receive a return on your onetime investment fee you paid for your Advertisement Payment Page and membership in Distribuware. It is only by your efforts and not by others' hard work. Distribuware calls this SLD.  You do the work and you will be refunded. That's more than a fair deal.  Assume you paid a onetime fee of $150.00 USD for a Bronze Level Subscription, and you subsequently referred 20 persons and/or companies who actually paid for their Advertisement Payment Pages, then you will receive a refund of  $100.00 (66.67% of $150.00) multiplied by 20 from Distribuware. That's $2000.00. If you do this monthly, you gain extra income simply by your honest and hard work. The bigger the Subscription Level Fee, the bigger the refunds. You can do the maths. That's it.

The principle of offering great discounts by Advertisers on their products and services. 

Distribuware advertising works on the universal principle of “Giving and Receiving”. 

The more you give, the more you get. Distribuware.com has set the example of offering 66.67% of fees collected from Advertisers and Distributors, refunded back to each Advertiser and Distributor for referrals they made for their Advertisement Payment Pages which contains their ads. The refunding process is done through our retained online payout processing house directly to members' prepaid debit cards or credit cards,  members' bank accounts and other payment methods and currencies of the members' choice.  Payments are made monthly. 

Advertisers' responsibilities are in offering the best discounts and credit payment facilities, layaway plans, gift items  and other incentives to all members of Distribuware. The more the Advertiser gives, the greater the chance of success in Distribuware. 

Distributors' responsibilities are in actively promoting their Advertiser Advertisements from using their own Advertisement Payment Page. The more active the Distributor, the greater the return on their onetime investment fee, plus other small costs incurred in promoting and referring new persons or companies. Distributors also have the privilege of making this a full-time job and gaining considerable income. If it is taken seriously, it is truly an added source of income. Distributors do not have to buy or sell Advertisers' products or services in order to gain in Distribuware. They merely have to actively promote their Advertisement Payment Pages successfully. This can be done online or offline through word of mouth. Another benefit to Distributors is that they can become partner admins with Distribuware and share a percentage of the net profits of Distribuware. Think about these benefits. 

Distribuware's responsibilities are in advertising Distribuware and the Ads Catalogs of pages of Advertisers advertisements throughout the globe, both online and offline. Distribuware's main facility is to establish a marketplace for bringing Advertisers and Distributors together, so that both types of members can offer assistance to each other in various ways.  Advertisers can also purchase from other Advertisers and can also refer each others' goods and services depending on the relationship with each other. Eg. Member Advertisers can promote and refer their Suppliers' Advertisement Payment Pages and vice versa. This can come about due to Distribuware method of advertising and bringing advertisers together under one roof.

Distribuware offers a free14 days period to try out the program. You can sign up and if you pay for a subscription of your choice within that free time, you keep the program permanently running for you, so you can continue to refer others and receive refunds.  Use the Advertisement Page URL on the call card handed to you along with this letter of encouragement. Enter Distribuware Advertising and make your choice of either becoming a member Advertiser or a Distributor of an Advertiser of your choice. The choice is yours. Distribuware is all about good choices in life.


My  member ID #________


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Distribuware Advertising Network Campaign

By Distribuware.com

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Distribuware.com cannot be held responsible for any advertiser or distributor who intrudes on anyone and sends unsolicited emails of their Distribuware Advertisement Payment Pages URL or bombards computers with any "adware" like software and other such intruding materials. We do not subscribe to such behavior by any of our advertisers or distributors. The public is hereby requested to report to the company (email admin@distribuware.com) any such advertiser or distributor of our Distribuware Network Systems. Such advertisers or distributors will be deactivated forthwith without any explanations or warnings given to them. Simply give us the name of the member, the Distribuware ID # and  SN # found on the black border above.  By public we mean anyone who is not a member of Distribuware Network Systems.


Distribuware.com    email  admin@distribuware.com.

Sri Sri Lakshmi Narayana Ki Jai

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