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Welcome to Distribuware members listings of Advertisement Payment Pages.

Here you will find all the levels of Subscriptions available on Distribuware Advertising. These listings lead to the Advertisments Payment Pages of every loyal member. These members have already begun the process of earning referral fees, simply by referring their Pages to other persons and companies. Both Advertisers and their Distributors can advertise their goods and services simply by introducing their Advertisement Payment Pages to potential customers, their families, their friends etc.,

You can easily view various Advertisements Payment Pages before making a decision. Thanks for sharing interest in our members'  Pages.

All our advertisers offer various special discounts, giveaways, gifts, credit facilities, and layaway plans only available from them. Kindly check constantly for updates from Advertisers and Distributors and the offers they make. Do shop at their stores as they are dedicated to giving good customer services and are very generous.

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How Distribuware System Works

Distribuware Advertising campaign program automatically creates Advertisements Payment Pages to include the newly signed up person with their payment button so that others signing up using his/her/their button can repay the registered member and Administration of Distribuware Advertising. Each new person or company signed up, results in this repeated creation of Advertisement Payment Pages. It is a referral program like no other. In this way, everyone receives their own Advertisement Payment Page unique with their Distribuware ID number and Subscription/s IDs on their pages. Advertisers advertise their own goods and services.  Distributors advertise their chosen Advertisers' goods and services. Everyone chooses a payment level.  It is a onetime payment per Subscription/per Page. Members are refunded many times over with the portion of the fees payable to join once they refer others succcessfully and they too join the advertising campaign.

The first level fee is Bronze for US 150.00. (See the various levels on the Advertisements Payment Pages)  The payment system is designed in such a way that both Advertisers and Distributors, providing they refer the advertising campaign causing others to sign up and pay, they get refunded with 66.67% of the total fee or $100.00. Distribuware retains 33.33% or $50.00 for administration costs of the Distribuware Network Systems facility. A fair deal we would say. There is no other referral program like it. The other levels are Silver US $300.00 plus $150.00 Administration Fee. Gold US $500.00 plus $250.00 Administrtion Fee. Platinum US $800.00 plus $400.00 Administration Fee. Diamond US $1200.00 plus $600.00 Administration Fee.

Check it out by viewing the members' pages.  If you like what you see and read, go ahead and sign up free for 14 days with an Activated Account and Page. This is your Trial Period. If your payment is not made in the 14 day period, you get another 14 days but your Account and Page will become Deactivated. In an Activated mode you can begin to refer others and start gaining referral income. However, you should pay within the first 14 days to safeguard your Page in an active mode and be able to receive referral fees by others you refer.  In a deactivated mode you cannot refer others and therefore not able to collect referral fees.



Member’s name Member Type Subscription Level Country Advertisement Payment Pages Advertiser Platinum Package Seychelles View Page Advertiser Diamond Package Trinidad and Tobago View Page Advertiser Bronze Package Trinidad and Tobago View Page Advertiser Silver Package Trinidad and Tobago View Page Advertiser Gold Package Trinidad and Tobago View Page
Steve Taylor & Co Advertiser Bronze Package United States View Page
Steve Taylor & Co Advertiser Bronze Package Trinidad and Tobago View Page
Steve Taylor & Co Advertiser Bronze Package United States View Page

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